Submission Guidelines for Slum Film Festival starting on 3rd-12th august 2012.

Slum Film Festival  

(3rd -12th August) 2012



Submission Eligibility

· The festival welcomes film submissions of any country that are made by and about the slums.

· You may submit short films of all production techniques and genre including drama (maximum duration 20mins), documentary (maximum duration 20mins), music (maximum duration 20mins), Public Service Announcement (maximum duration 1mins), and Community News reporting or feature (maximum duration 10mins). Exploitation and pornography genres are not eligible.


A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a type of advertisement featured on media with an intention of public interest by raising awareness of an issue affecting public attitudes and potentially stimulating action. Mostly they talk of health, environmental issues.

· The primary contact completing the application form must be authorized to submit the film for consideration including permission from a distributor or sales agent representing the film and must have obtained necessary permission for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the films.

Submission Format

Films for consideration must be submitted on DVD only. The title, screening format and running time must be clearly labeled on the DVD cover. Submitted copies will not be returned.

Entry Fees

There are no any fees charges for submission of any films.

Deadline All entry forms, film submissions must be received by 5pm on 15th June 2012.

Selection and Notification

We will confirm that we have received your entry by email.

Every submission is watched from start to finish and reviewed by an invited jury that includes the festival organizers and professional filmmakers. Films are selected based on the quality of narrative and production values – regardless of budget.

If your entry is selected, you may be asked to supply a screening format of your film. You will be advised of the format we require, publicity material and important shipping information. Due to restrictions of screening facilities at some venues, DVD may be the format that films are screened. Successful entrants will be notified of their inclusion in the festival by 30 June 2012.

A list of all films selected will be made available on our website We aim to contact all unsuccessful applicants by 30th June 2012. The festival cannot enter into individual correspondence regarding films that have not been selected.

Foreign Language Films

If the original language of any dialogue or text featured in the film is not English, the preview and screening copy must be subtitled in English.


The festival reserves the right to reproduce stills and clips of selected films for festival publicity – this includes print, festival trailers, website promotion, press, TV coverage and screenings to promote the event. The festival will publish the email and telephone number for the primary contact and distributor in the festival catalogue of all films selected for the programme.


Submissions should be sent to:

Festival Submissions Slum Film Festival 2012 c/o Hot Sun Foundation Kibera Olympic

PO BOX 30933, Nairobi, Kenya.


If you have any queries, please email: or call +254 020 251 6909. 9:00am-4:30 pm +3GMT. We look forward to receiving your films.


Slum Film Festival

(3rd-12th August) 2012



Please TYPE or PRINT your information clearly


Film Details

Film Title: _____________________________________________________

Date of Completion: _____________________________________________

Running Time: _____MINS SECS

Original Format

HD        o HDV      o DV o Other, please specify:

Digital Screening Formats Available (please tick all that are available)

DVD    o

Aspect Ratio

4:3          o  16:9     o

Audio Format

Stereo  o

If stereo, does your soundtrack make use of stereo effects? YES/NO*



If your film includes music, is it original?

Yes         o  No         o

If no, has all copyright clearance been received in respect of your entry?

Yes         o  No         o

(It is the filmmaker’s responsibility to obtain copyright clearance)

Main Genre (please only tick one)

oCommunity news reporting or feature


oPublic Service Announcement (PSA)



 Other, please specify:

Short Synopsis (50 words maximum)

Main Credits

Director: ______________________________________________________

Writer: ________________________________________________________

Producer: _____________________________________________________

Screening History (including festivals & broadcast)

Prizes or Awards






Your Contact Information

Name: ________________________________________________________

Position with Film _______________________________________________

Company: _____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Telephone No: _________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

Website: ______________________________________________________