Kevin Machimbo, Wilfred Masea and John Ngaruiya took Togetherness Supreme to a children’s remand center in Kabete.
The center rehabilitates children from the age of 8 to 16. As part of the ongoing movie previews, Host Sun Film together with Kibera Film School collaborated with the school administration to showcase the movie to the young children.
“I recommend this movie to be taken to most schools so that we can avoid some of the things that happened during the post election violence” Njau (14 year old  student at the center)

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Hot Sun Foundation NEWSLETTER in pdf

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Hot Sun Foundation newsletter available in pdf.

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MATCHING Day on is 16 JUNE 2010.

Help bring the Kibera feature film, TOGETHERNESS SUPREME, to every town and village in Kenya to build peace!

Make a contribution on 16 June 2010 at

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Thanks for all you do!  

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MARTHA Kisaka NOMINATED Most Promising Actress!

 My name is Martha Kisaka. I am 23 years old.  I grew up in a community, known as East Africa’s largest slum – Kibera. I grew up in a community where girls talk constantly about boyfriends and babies.

My mother inspired me to be different. Despite severe hardships, she never sold illicit brew like so many very desperate women in Kibera. My mother taught me to work hard to be who I want to be.

So here I am. A young woman in Kibera, an aspiring actress and filmmaker. Who has just been nominated by the African Movie Academy Awards for “Most Promising Actress.

How do I feel?  Amazed, surprised, delighted, excited… being nominated for such an award was something that happened to other people. I only read about it in magazines or saw it on TV.  

I play the lead female role in the Kibera feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME.  This is my first movie.  TOGETHERNESS SUPREME is very close to me and other youth in Kibera who suffered so much during the 2007 post election violence in Kenya.  I am proud to be part of a film that is working for peace and reconciliation.

The African Film Academy Awards will be held in Nigeria on 10 April 2010.  I want to be there to represent young African women actresses and filmmakers. I want to be there to represent the youth of Kibera, a neglected slum community. I want to be there to represent Kenya.  I want to be there to represent TOGETHERNESS SUPREME – a film that can make a difference.

I need your support.  You can make a contribution online by going to Go to the DONATE page and look for me, Martha Kisaka.  Every amount will get me closer to Nigeria.  

With your support, I will be a step closer to my dream of becoming a filmmaker making films that will not just entertain but also educate. Thank you.  

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On location with Togetherness Supreme: Report from students

The week was one of experience. I,for the first time participated in the Togetherness Supreme reshoot. This give me the first hand experience of what happens during shooting.

(I) enjoyed being in the field doing the reshoots of Togetherness Supreme, woking together as ateam makes things easier.

It’s been a busy week with alot of  good staff to learn I was participating in Togetherness Supreme reshoots which took three days  which stopped me from attending classes in three days but I have no complain coz i learn a lot from field. 

The week has been busy and learning experience from the Togetherness Supreme reshoot.


The week has been good  because we learned in and out of class. It was good because I learned new things in production, that is how you work when you receive a film budget. Working on Togetherness Supreme on reshoots it was a good experience

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