Class of 2009

I was born and brought up in Kibera slums. I attended my primary education at Olympic primary school and completed my o-levels at Dagorreti High school. My interest in art begun when I was in high school when I started writing poems. My dream started growing two years later when I joined the Ghetto Wasanii, which initially started a s a writers club. By the help of Nathan and Pamella Collett who at the time were our main facilitators, really helped me sharpen my story writing skills.
I started attending various script writing workshops and also meeting other great story writers from all over Africa including Bettinah Gappah from Zimbabwe and other Internationally well known writers from the World through the connections of Nathan and Pamella Collett.Its from that time when I was involved in the script writing of Kibera Kid Feature film and while in that process my passion about filming started growing. My first successful project that I was involved was the shooting of a documentary called ‘THE TRAIN MENACE” which tells a story of how important the train is to the people of Kibera.
For all those years I have been working as a staff and logistics manager for Hot Sun Foundation until the election violence broke o ut.I became a victim and I was evicted and found myself in an Internally Displaced Persons camp, where I camped for eight months. Later on,I decided to come back to Kibera and resettled. I spent time with Nathan Collett, the Director of Kibera Kid and Togetherness Supreme, writing my story/script on the real life experiences that I passed through during the election violence before and after. I helped in developing the Togetherness Supreme script.  Currently I am student at the KIBERA FILM SCHOOL under going various lessons taught by Kenya’s great names in the film industry.
At the end of the course, I will learn and gain knowledge in film making, thus my dream come true. I will later give back to the community by teaching the other youths from Kibera.
I’m faith wavinya a Kibera resident. I schooled in Kibera in my early childhood and did my ‘O’ Level at Makueni district. I live with my mum as she brought me up all by her self and she lives to be a treasure in my life.
I have a passion in any computer-based work in any aspect. I joined hot sun in March 2009 to advance my skills and thus a turning point in my life. My interest in life is to become a filmmaker and tell stories about my Kibera community. What drives my life is to give the best in whatever I do, Patience and obedience.

My names are Gabriela Operre am 21 years old. I come from KIBERA popularly known as the biggest slum or chocolate city. I completed my education in 2008 whereby I did my ‘O’ levels in Western Kenya and ‘A’ Levels in Kansanga Kampala ,Uganda.
I came back to my beloved country after completing my learning and had an interest in doing social work and also theatre performance in the Kibera community. I also have a talent in writing articles especially poetry. Having known of the Kibera Film School I got interested in nurturing my talent where I enrolled a month ago.
My ambitions are to become a good filmmaker and be flexible in whatever department in the film industry. My favourite lessons are mostly scriptwriting and as a first priority I love creating stories writing poems and reading novels, apart from scriptwriting I love exploring and visualizing nature by camerawork, editing and production. By the end of the course I hope the projects that are done individually and by teamwork it will build my creativity and hence involve my community, KIBERA.


My name is John Ngaruiya I was born in Rift Valley province Lanet district in 1986,and two years later we shifted to Nairobi in Kibera where my life was brought up. I went to st Charles lwanga primary school, and graduated to high school where I complete my secondary level of 8.4.4. System. Later I formed a group called JAH-ARMY, and I worked with different youth group and organisation on different areas of community development, this includes peace building, generating income projects. Some of the organisation I worked with are world vision, care Kenya, discorck through my community commitment my group won music peace award. Later I joined multyface computer college as a computer guru, when I was still studying we formed a group called Ghetto Wasanii though Hot Sun Foundation and I decided that this is the group I want to work with due to post election the group was dispersed and after post election I continued working with previous group that is JAH-ARMY as the leader singer vocalist where by we produce one album. I later worked on Hot Sun Films feature film,  TOGETHERNESS SUPREME re-shoots, which is going to be the next heat Kenyan movie. Currently am in Kibera film school and am learning to be a filmmaker,

My name is Josphat Keya. Am 23 years old,and i’ve lived in Kibera since i was born. I undertook my primary education at Jamhuri primary, not far from Kibera. I went to my rural home to do my O-levels after which i came back to Kibera. Back here i started accompanying my my father to work: he is an electrician by profession. I was to be his apprentice. I came to learn of Kibera Film School through a friend who know happens to be the school co-ordinator and i was chosen to be among the ten trainees being recruited then. I came with very little knowledge on film industry, one thing i ever knew was that film making is all about entertainment. But that’s not what i’ve come to realize, this industry is also an avenue to voice out and show the happenings of our community. I came only with one skill; writing. I used to write small articles and post them to some local magazines. To this i’ve come to transform into a skill related to the film industry-script writing. But i still need the other packages of film making to be a competent film maker, and thats why i am appreciating the other lessons being taught.I hope to achieve my goal of helping to transform the lives of Kiberan youth through this industry, i am getting knowledge,i am being empowered, i am being obligated.   


Am Martha Kisaka Nasike, 22 years of age. I was born and still reside in Kibera. I have a diploma in community development. Am also a member of a CBO Shades Classics, a youth group that basically deals with edutainment: using theatre to educate and sensitize the society on social ills.

I am one of the actresses in the feature film Togetherness Supreme a production of Hot Sun Films. I play ‘Alice’, a pastors daughter who is the love interest of Kama and Oti, the two main actors.  I am now a trainee at Kibera Film School and endeavor to become an all-round filmmaker.

I am Victor Oluoch born in 1988, Nov. 15 in Kisumu District. I did my Kenya certificate of primary education at Mituri primary school in Uyoma, Bondo district. I came to Nairobi in 2005 Jan to visit my uncle in Mathare estate where I later rejoined with my elder brother who was living in Dagoretti at the moment.
I moved to Dagoreti to live with my brother in 2006, and I started being self-independent by starting a small business at Adams Arcade. In Jan 2009, after seeing Nathan Collett and some of the Kibera Youth on local TV, I decided to look for Hot Sun foundation. I found them and joined Hot Sun Foundation. I was one of the lucky people to work on the feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME that was shot in Kibera . That was my first ever film set  experince, and was doing behind the scenes. That was also my first time to hold  and use a camera. After that I realized I had a potential to be a filmmaker in the future. It’s what I desire the most, to make films.


Am Wilfred Masea, A boy aged 19,I live in Kibera slums, I was born in Dandora but raised in Kibera slums. I come from a family of eight, One boy and seven girls. I went to school at mashimoni sqatters primary school where I accomplished my primary level and went to a high at St Charles Mutego Secondary School where I dropped at form three because of some small challenges. I joined Hot Sun Foundation in the year 2007 and on March-May 2009 on Togetherness Supreme a feature film. Victor and I were the behind the scenes camera trainees and on 3 August I joined Kibera Film School because I was inspired by film making.   

MY name is Shamim Achieng. I was born in Kibera slums and I still live here. After my education I left for my rural home and stayed there for a short while then came back.
I joined Kibera Film School, after taking part in the making of the feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME in which I took the role of the Asst, Casting Director and Production Asst.
My expectations here at Kibera Film School are to use film to help transform my community here in Kibera.

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