On 29th March 2010, Sara Bradford from Art Action Singapore, one of the partners of Hot Sun Foundation came down to Kibera to meet the current trainees who had just graduated on Saturday 27th March 2010.  She got to hear compelling stories from the trainees on how they joined the school and how they felt having graduated.

She also got to witness the filming of STOP RAPE NOW P.S.A (Public Service Announcement) by the trainees.


The P.S.A was shot entirely in Kibera by the trainees with the collaboration of Jah Army an artist group that is based in Kibera. One of its members being John Ngariuya commonly known as “GG Spice” is a graduate at the school.

“We want this message to reach to everybody out there, that rape erodes all the human values, and yes it can be stopped” John Ngaruiya

The P.S.A will be out soon.

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