On location with Togetherness Supreme: Report from students

The week was one of experience. I,for the first time participated in the Togetherness Supreme reshoot. This give me the first hand experience of what happens during shooting.

(I) enjoyed being in the field doing the reshoots of Togetherness Supreme, woking together as ateam makes things easier.

It’s been a busy week with alot of  good staff to learn I was participating in Togetherness Supreme reshoots which took three days  which stopped me from attending classes in three days but I have no complain coz i learn a lot from field. 

The week has been busy and learning experience from the Togetherness Supreme reshoot.


The week has been good  because we learned in and out of class. It was good because I learned new things in production, that is how you work when you receive a film budget. Working on Togetherness Supreme on reshoots it was a good experience

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