>Victor’s Success Story and a Request


I am Victor Oluoch Mmboga, 23years of age.
I moved to Nairobi  in early 2005, hoping to get money from a relative to go to secondary school but it didn’t work out.  I made my living in the informal economy, buying and selling used clothing.  I am a survivor.  

I came to join Hot Sun Foundation in early 2008 after I heard of KIBERA KID a short film which was very famous in Nairobi by then. I wanted to follow up and meet the filmmakers of KIBERA KID but before I made the move, the director Nathan Collett was on one of the local TV stations where he gave out information about Hot Sun Foundation. I searched Kibera until I found Hot Sun Foundation. Someone gave me a camera, although I had never used one.  I started working on the filming the auditions for the feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME.  

Today I’m a different person from who I was. Hot Sun has transformed me to a visual and creative storyteller. Now I have a future and I believe I’m on the highway to achieve my dream. I joined Kibera Film School in August 2009 and graduated from the filmmaking foundation course in April 2010.

I love Kibera Film School for it has built others and me skillfully. And as the school continues to grow, many more talented youth in Kibera are going to be discovered and transformed to creative storytellers, too.

I’m the director of one of the fastest growing projects of Hot Sun Foundation -KIBERA TV where we collect daily stories of Kibera and upload them on YouTube and kiberatv.blogspot.com.  KIBERA TV has brought many youth together to learn about filmmaking using Flip cameras and editing techniques. Many organizations have come forward to use KIBERA TV to highlight the community’s stories and outreach.

I hope these two projects, Kibera Film School and Kibera TV,  grow wide and big because these are the vital tools to bring change in Kibera. One of the rhe main challenges we face is adequate equipment. 

Everyone reading my story can help out but donating at www.globalgiviing.org/3632.  

Thank you and my best wishes for the holiday season to all.

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

Kansas City (USA) Art Institute Graphic Designers working with Kibera TV

 The Kansas City Art Institute Graphic Design department is working with Kibera TV on a new logo and introductory video.  Professor Tyler Galloway  is working with students Bethany Ediger and Loren Cook.   THANKS for your creative energy and support!

 NOW IS THE TIME… of giving… of reaching out…of making a difference for talented young filmmakers in Kibera…..  GIVE TODAY on Global Giving… OR Give a GIFT CARD for someone
who will truly enjoy this unique gift.  THANKS for all you do!
To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page