Down From Isiolo

Victor and Josphat with Moran

Josphat Keya, Clarence Ilavonga and Victor Ombogo Friday 1st October left for Isiolo for a three-day documentary shoot. The documentary entitled Not For Love highlights the early bridal marriage practices among the Samburu community.

Josphat was the Producer/Director, Victor the D.O.P and Clarence was the Asst. Cameraman. It was indeed an experience for the crew. This is part of the ongoing process of integrating the youth into professionalism in the film industry.

“I’m happy that I was challenged to produce and direct the project, the challenges I faced were all to build me up and prepare me for the next level in this industry, I’m one more step ahead through this project.” Josphat
“We worked as a team, consulting each other during the shoot. It was the best experience ever outside Nairobi, I’m proud of what we did.” Victor
“I feel privileged to have been in the team of Josphat  and Victor, I learnt a lot. This is the kind of experience we need.” Clarence 

Clarence on set with a reflector

The crew;Victor, Clarence and Josphat

Josphat and Victor

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