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To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page
Twelve new trainees at Kibera Film School began classes in February 2011. At Hot Sun Foundation youth from Kibera have the opportunity to learn hands on filmmaking that will make a difference for themselves and their community. 
Hot Sun Foundation has three major programs –  
1. Kibera Film School with hands-on comprehensive film training;  subscribe to   kiberafilmschool.blogspot.com
2. Kibera TV, with community reports every week online, reflecting the community’s concerns;  subscribe to  kiberatv.blogspot.com
3. Hot Sun Film Klubs in primary and secondary schools, to encourage children to watch good films and consider filmmaking.
All of these community filmmaking activities offering hope and opportunities to East African children and youth living in urban slums depend on YOUR support! 
Hot Sun Foundation is in the final year of our foundation grant. To keep our doors open we need YOU!  Please donate at http://www.globalgiving.org/3632
Especially wonderful would be a monthly commitment, no matter how small, that would help keep us going. 
PLEASE Mark your calendars and make a donation on 16 March 2011, Global Giving Matching Day. All contributions will receive an extra 30% matching funds.  www.globalgiving.org/3632
Thanks for all you do!

A Message from a Hot Sun Foundation Success Story!

A Message from Josphat Keya (24) Projects Coordinator, Hot Sun Foundation 
I joined Hot Sun Foundation through Kibera Film School in the first intake of trainees in August, 2009.  Though I did not have prior knowledge in filmmaking I loved writing short stories and sometimes I’d send them to  local magazines for publication. No story was  ever published. I guess they did not fit what was wanted. My stories were what I saw happening to my fellow colleagues around me.

With the coming of Kibera Film School, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to relay my thoughts that I had wanted to do for so long, but did not have a chance. Now it would be even better with the filmmaking skills that I’d gain then my message will be more powerful.
My goal is to become a film director with a distinction of telling stories. Talking of telling stories I mean speaking what is not spoken, what is avoided to be spoken, that which is avoided but is really needed to be heard. For example two of my projects I’ve done were of controversial issues here in my community – one about stepmothers and the other about sexual identity. Something that nobody wants to talk about or fears talking about it. I believe through what I’ve done at least it will elicit dialogue and it won’t be a taboo talking about it anymore.
What Hot Sun Has done for me is immeasurable. It has made me what I am and what I’ll be, of course if I do not waiver I’ll be what I want to be, and all courtesy of Hot Sun. So I would love this to also happen to my fellow youths out there who were denied a chance to be what they want to be by systems set by selfish people in the society or those who don’t have the slightest idea of what the youth really need. Many think that the youth need cash in hand. No,  what we need is nurturing of what we can do best – our talent, our passion, our dreams.

During this holiday season, I ask each and every one of you to reach out to the youth in Kibera who are so eager to have a chance to develop their talents at Kibera Film School and Kibera TV programmes at Hot Sun Foundation.  
     You can help make this possible by
1.    Donating on http://www.globalgiving.org/3632 or at http://www.globalgiving.co.uk  (Hot Sun Foundation)
2.    Volunteering, especially if you have filmmaking skills. Contact us a info@hotsunfoundation.org for more information.
3.    Buying DVDs on buykiberakid.com
4.    Joining the blogspot kiberatv.blogspot.com, kiberafilmschool.blogspot.com and kiberakid.blogspot.com
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6.    Following us on twitter HotSunFilms
7.    ALL OF THE ABOVE!    THANKS for all you do! 

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

Hot Sun Foundation NEWSLETTER in pdf

 Just out!

Hot Sun Foundation newsletter available in pdf.

For your own copy, send an email to info@hotsunfoundation.org.

GlobalGiving.org/3632 is 16 JUNE 2010.

Help bring the Kibera feature film, TOGETHERNESS SUPREME, to every town and village in Kenya to build peace!

Make a contribution on 16 June 2010 at http://www.globalgiving.org/3632

Or in the UK go to http://www.globalgiving.co.uk
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To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page


Marc Maxson from Global Giving and Zipporah Sangilu came to Kibera Film School to carry out a story collection survey with the help of the Kibera Film School trainees. The survey aimed at knowing what community efforts the Kibera community has witnessed.

Marc Maxson led the trainees in a small workshop on story collecting after which the trainees went out later in the day for a test survey

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

Trainees successfully complete Kibera Film School Foundation Course!

To receive a certificate of completion of the KIBERA FILM SCHOOL foundation course, all trainees completed two projects: a short fictional film and a short documentary, about a Kibera community organization.
The KIBERA FILM SCHOOL trainees overcame many challenges, including power outages, hard drive failure, volunteer actors not showing up for the filming, problems with sound and lighting, and moving to a new office and training centre in January 2010, that is still being renovated and repaired two months later.  
CNN followed the trainees around one day while they were working on their projects.  You can view them on http://bit.ly/bibpUb
ON Tuesday MARCH 16 2010, YOUR DONATION on GLOBAL GIVING will be matched by 30%! Mark the date and support the youth of the Kibera Film School. 
ON  Tuesday 16 MARCH 2010 visit our Global Giving Page