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Pomp And Colour On The Final Day Of The Slum Film Festival.

A great day it was indeed! The crowd surged and by 3.00pm the Kamukunji grounds were full of people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate a great day in the slums history in regards to the film industry. History was created here. The Festival was a huge,huge success and without the support of the local community we would not have made it possible. We give back our gratitude and say thank you for your overwhelming support. We also want to thank the Spanish Embassy,Slum Tv,Nairobi Art Center…. Your support has been evident through partnering with us and combining efforts to change the slums through the lens and giving it a voice. Thats what this event was all about and still will be about.

For a while now Hotsun foundation has been giving the youth of the slums a voice and a platform to showcase their creativity through media and arts and the have been able to transform many. The slum Film Festival is just but a tip of the iceberg of better things that are yet to come and judging from the turn out Slum Film Festival Entertained and changed many perceptions about slums. This was a slum event.


Section of the ecstatic crowd.

Baba Guston a local reggea artist entertaining the crowd.

Chief Guest,The spanish cultural attachee Federico Olivieri arriving together with other guests.

The Kuruka Maisha Acrobats entertain the crowd. This is what they do best,ACROBATICS!

Jubilant Kibera Film School Students at the venue of the Film Festival. Some of their films were screened to the thousands of audiences who turned up for the event that lasted for a total of 10 days.

The DJ setting up the pace of the festival. Trust me he enchanted the crowd leaving them yearning for more.

The Spanish Embassy cultural attache addresses the jubilant crowd.

Mercy Murugi,Kibera Film School director talks about the future of Slum Film Festival,her expectations and Hopes. The future could just be bright!!

Performing a jig for the hard earned certificate! One of the participants could not hold back his joy upon receiving his certificate. It was worth the energy.

The workshop facilitators were not left behind too. All the hard work,effort and time they put in this project was recognized in the form of a certificate.

Pomp,colour,style,swag….. you name it,it characterized the Festival and here at Hotsun as it is with our motto we do it to perfection and style! We lead the way.

Judging from the entire Festival,the jubilant and thrilled crowds, The Slum Film Festival Is here to stay and will conclude by saying let us meet next year. Be a part of this Phenomenal and unstoppable force that will touch the lives of many a soul! Long Live Slum Film Festival!


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