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The previous week and this week has been full of activities here in Kibera Film School and hotsun foundation. This is the week that saw the Film Festival workshops began and then followed by the screenings at the Kamukunji grounds in Kibera. It was pomp and colour as the event began on high spirits from both the guests and the hosts. In this case the hosts being Kibera Film School and Hotsun Foundation.

Day 1 of the workshop

The Participants were thrilled to be part of the 3 day workshop.

A section of the workshop participants sharing.

Guest tutor Jules,an actress from hollywood takes the students through a rigorous exercise of story building.

Keen participants ready to grasp every detail they could absorb.

Learning appears to be fun for these new students in the film industry.

Day 2 workshop

After the participants were taken through the steps of developing a story they were on their own trying to come up with wonderful story ideas that they would use for their 1 minute fiction story.

Group ! brainstorming on their story idea.

The smile on the face pf group two says that they now got it!

The participants getting feedback from one of the instructors standing by.

I think we got it! Group one seems to have discovered what makes a good story.

Discussing their way forward!


The mood of the crowd that kept swelling by the minute was jubilant.It was pomp,colour and style the first ever Slum film festival was launched on Tuesday the 10th of August 2011. Several artist curtain raised the event enchanting the crowd.

Some of the Kibera Hamlets Acrobats in action. Breath taking! KIbera got diverse talents.

Getting the screen ready for its required purpose needs nothing than team work and It took combined effort of all to get it up. Here its always about teamwork.

A section of the crowd that turned for this one of a kind event.

A Kibera Tv journalist running to capture the action as it happens in real time. Kibera Tv the home of Kibera, In the heart of Kibera.

Some of the spectators marveled at the wonders of Kibera in regards to talent.

Getting the Projector ready. In film,this is what matters! why we and they are gathered here today.

Wonders of Kibera! We call it home.

Poetry at its best!

Indeed film is transforming the lives of many throughout the slum. Not only the youth but the old and children. Film delivers a powerful message. The main aim of the Slum Film Festival is to transform and spread the need of peace and unity in this once torn region. We are getting there. Watch this space for more updates on what is cutting down here in KIBERA!


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