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Slum Film Festival

Today the Slum Film Festival was launched. It is a pilot film festival that will focus on the films made by and about the slums. This pilot project will focus on the images around the slums around Nairobi with the vision of expansion to include films from around the world in the future editions. The workshop will officially kick off on 6th August 2011 and will run through to the 23rd of the same month. It will start with workshops that will give the participants a thorough and intensive course in filmmaking and screenings of the projects created there after. The application forms can be picked at the Hotsun foundation offices and its open for young people between the ages of 18yrs-30yrs.

There are plenty of reasons why a public film event in the slums can become a positive initiative for the slums and its artists. These event seeks to raise more public attention while changing the people’s perspective towards these spaces and the people who live in these areas.

The film event can become a platform for the film scene of the slums to reach both International and local film festival circuit and facilitate broader opportunities for the filmmakers in these areas.

This film event can be used to spread a different and more realistic picture of the slums. Generally, the slums are related to health issues,environmental issues, social issues,etc and the slum film festival seeks to demonstrate that together,this critical conditions can be denounced and slums are also home to very talented, creative and culturally active actors.

This film festival could help shift the perception of slums as spaces for the film industry as locations but as a center of productions or the producer of the story. This would allow more actors and directors to work together and to create bigger synergies for the development of the local cultural industry.

This event could also be a magnet for media attention while changing media discourse about slum realities. The media presence can also allow mainstream media to acknowledge the presence of smaller slum based content producers such as Kibera TV and Slum TV in the process promoting new partnerships.

The Slum Film Festival is a joint project of the Spanish Embassy(Kenya),Hotsun Foundation,Slum TV,AECID (Spanish Agency Of International Cooperation) in collaboration with the Nairobi Art Center.

Changing our beliefs system is central to making any real and lasting change and thus why we are trying to change the picture and perception of the slum through social transformation through media and arts.

A section of Kibera Slum


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