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Bathday……….. Literally speaking! Kibera Film School, A Lifestyle.

They say too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So when an opportunity to play and have fun happened to avail itself we embraced it whole heartedly. In Kibera Film School, birthdays don’t pass unnoticed because this are the rare opportunities that have the excuse to party and so we party in style. We always give the best birthday parties one will ever remember, or is it bath day?

Ssshh! It’s not meant for everyones ear. It all starts by plotting against the party boy/girl…… in this case it’s a boy! The Chief Schemers!

Everyone gathers around waiting for the chief guest who happens to be BIRTHDAY BOY. Those are evil smiles pasted on everyone’s face. After reading this you will understand why I say EVIL!

r    “Oh! Really?” Yes Really! A birthday cake for you Mr. Brian. “I am too old for birthdays” Came the protest. But we still want you to have it.Please have your cake and eat it!


And the beautiful strawberry cake was  presented to Sir Brian.  Gripped with Emotions he could not hide his….. Was that a tear I saw? Surprises is our greatest weakness. He never expected that we knew His Bday,well shock on him! We at Kibera Film School embrace and learn people. The greatest resource in life is Relationships,learn how to connect with people at the deepest level and be rewarded.

  And his cake he had. Presented to him from the deepest of our heart. Happy Birthday Brian……….So the crowd sang.  “All these for me?” “Yes Brian. All that for you.” When the deal is too good? I am not smiling.

  The Mouth watering creamy strawberry cake. Anyone would die to get a bite. Wait I was robbed off. He gave me a small bite……….. “Hey I want more!” I shall not be denied.


“Hurry up with the cutting dude” The eagerness spoke volumes. Dying to have a bite but Brian took his time. He seemed to have wanted his cake to himself. Bad Idea Brian! The folks wont let you.

“It’s a taboo to cut cake with all your valuable, here let me keep for you safely until when we are done. other than the watch,what else do you have?” “My Ipod, my phone. I dont do wallets!” “Great! Here let me help you with them”. And so he allowed himself to be lured blindly.

    “Let me choose the biggest piece.” “On what grounds? Give me a reason?” The cake has to go round,get it round. Anticipation. Everyone was salivating! Cant wait for my turn 🙂

    Ohhh! Crude! The party had now began. It is official to get a bath on your bath day. Brian Wept. “I have been conned” You should have thought twice Brian!

   “Oh! Remind me again how I allowed you to lead me to the slaughter. This is not fair. You can’t do this. I will sue all of you”   “Give back our cake…….. ”  The deal was already sealed long before. Hey B enjoy your mid afternoon bath you poor thing.

And everyone took turns to water him. Hope he grows taller after all these. Hey but be careful, what goes around comes around! KARMA.


Cheers! B. Today is your lucky day. You just won yourself a free bath. Hey guys,dont you have any pity left for this Kid????

Not yet. Just one more super drum and I will be satisfied 🙂  Devilish grin.


Then B drenched. “Where will i get change of clothes guys? If it does not rain today where will you find water again? Remember globalwarming? Its real.”   “Silence B.Silence. Hush now.”

And from today henceforth you shall no longer be called Brian but B.


You better be careful what you do to me, coz it might turn around on  you!

But she kept right on. I told her to stop it again but she still could not listen and so………. I was upset.

I am getting back at you guys. Any one wants face me head to head? Pay back time. They all scampered to dryness.

I told you to watch out for KARMA. What goes around finally catches up with you. But what a great photo.When life hands you lemons,turn them into lime juice

Bam! She was his first victim and he attacked mercilessly. Oh! no I am not yet done with you and you will pay the sins of all of them. She screams and there is no one to rescue her. SOS!

Poor her. No help came her way because everyone else chose to spectate…… Interesting turn of event.

DE-FEA-TED! He finally gave up! His arms stretched underneath the sweater. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE GUYS.Spare me. I will not shower for the next one month. A solemn vow he made. I will ensure you dont!

We are gravely sorry for everything. Really,we are sorry…………..Do you think she is honest? I don’t. Check out that look, behind her mind “Its only coz we ran out of water otherwise!”

That was a good break alright now get back to work.

Truce Man! Happy Birthday. May you live to be wiser!

I am going home, I am going home. I need to change into fresh clothes.O boy! We sure worked on B. GO HOME B.

They say life is in seasons and so we spend time in seasons too. There is a time for everything. A time to play,a time to plant, a time to sow, a time to reap. Just like the seasons.

Kibera Film School teaches how to be all rounded, a basic skill that we equip ourselves with from this institution that is one of a kind.

Different actions produce different results Any action is a cause set in motion and its effects builds in the past effect to move us in a definite direction.

Every direction leads us to an ultimate destination, A destination we prepare for now.


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