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Kibera Film School Assistant Trainer Clerence Illavonga showing some of the trainees how to log and capture footages on final cut.

Assistant Trainers Victor Oluoch and Karolin sharing a light moment while reviewing the curriculum on what they will be teaching their class at the beginning of the week.

Kibera Film School Trainee preparing to edit his project.

Some children from the Hotsun Foundation Children’s workshop learning how to use a still camera and the were really elated.

Every learning process begins with that first step and thus this child takes a photograph of the other children in the workshop.It was a fun activity for them and their instructor. A new hobby they found, most of them said!

What is a camera? Children’s workshop instructor Evans Kangethe seems to be asking the children.

It is always a bee hive of activities even during the weekend at the one and only Film School in Kibera. For every one here every day is a learning process and there is no wasting time in life because every second as the clock ticks counts!

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