>The 2011 trainees editing session learning how to be creative on making films,locations and post production.The class was divided into three groups by the editing Trainer Victor Oluoch and each group came up with their own stories about Kibera Film School and the theme was ‘Identify,develop and naturing of youth talents through filmmaking.’

Group one on location.
Group two on location.

Wickliffe Mboya one of the trainees says that he learnt how to use a camera in different angles and team work.

Group three on location.

Stephen Okoth one of the trainees was our star,he was the interviewee in all the groups.

Trainees at the editing room.

Trainees discussing on what kind of shots and angels to take.

After the shoot every group was busy working on post production to come up with the best product.

Trainees at the editing room.

Group three;Vincent Oduor,Alice Motieri,Grishon Onyango and Joseph Oduor editing their piece.

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