Vincent Oduor drafting his script.
Grishon onyango typing his draft using celtx format.
Josphat Keya the school coordinator on the other hand going through some of the student’s scripts.
Visitors at the office.

Visitors watching.

Visitors from Stanford and Nairobi University namely Dan Orwa,Tony Winogrod and Josh Cohen  at the accounts office being updated on the School Programs.

Visitors viewing Togetherness Supreme trailer and ‘MAJUKUMU’ a film by the children from Kibera Film School children’s workshop.

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>The 2011 trainees editing session learning how to be creative on making films,locations and post production.The class was divided into three groups by the editing Trainer Victor Oluoch and each group came up with their own stories about Kibera Film School and the theme was ‘Identify,develop and naturing of youth talents through filmmaking.’

Group one on location.
Group two on location.

Wickliffe Mboya one of the trainees says that he learnt how to use a camera in different angles and team work.

Group three on location.

Stephen Okoth one of the trainees was our star,he was the interviewee in all the groups.

Trainees at the editing room.

Trainees discussing on what kind of shots and angels to take.

After the shoot every group was busy working on post production to come up with the best product.

Trainees at the editing room.

Group three;Vincent Oduor,Alice Motieri,Grishon Onyango and Joseph Oduor editing their piece.

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>16 March Wed GLOBAL GIVING Matching Day!


To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page
Twelve new trainees at Kibera Film School began classes in February 2011. At Hot Sun Foundation youth from Kibera have the opportunity to learn hands on filmmaking that will make a difference for themselves and their community. 
Hot Sun Foundation has three major programs –  
1. Kibera Film School with hands-on comprehensive film training;  subscribe to   kiberafilmschool.blogspot.com
2. Kibera TV, with community reports every week online, reflecting the community’s concerns;  subscribe to  kiberatv.blogspot.com
3. Hot Sun Film Klubs in primary and secondary schools, to encourage children to watch good films and consider filmmaking.
All of these community filmmaking activities offering hope and opportunities to East African children and youth living in urban slums depend on YOUR support! 
Hot Sun Foundation is in the final year of our foundation grant. To keep our doors open we need YOU!  Please donate at http://www.globalgiving.org/3632
Especially wonderful would be a monthly commitment, no matter how small, that would help keep us going. 
PLEASE Mark your calendars and make a donation on 16 March 2011, Global Giving Matching Day. All contributions will receive an extra 30% matching funds.  www.globalgiving.org/3632
Thanks for all you do!

>Visit to St. Nicholas Baobab Childrens Home.


Jane at the childrens centre.

Matt, Aida and Roy visited st. Nicholus Baobab
childrens home and Feeding programme Managed
 and runed by Mrs. Jane Wyatt. situated in ngong for
 a reserch on the Activities that they do also seting
 grounds on the prommo video that is yet to be shot
 in promotion of the centre.

Mrs. Jane Wyatt  showed a warm welcome to
the crew from the Hot sun commercial department
 taking them arround aquinting them vith any
necesary information partaining the whole

Jane poucing for the picture with the children.

The project will begin in May 2011.
and will take arround one moth for the whole production to be complete.

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>KIBERA FILM SCHOOL -Part Time Classes 2011


Passionate about filmmaking?
Hands-on training in creative filmmaking  on WEEKENDS
starting 25 March at award-winning
We offer Training in:-
Duration: 25 March – 15 December 2011
Reasonable cost, great training, limited space    Tuition and fees structure on request
Location: Hot Sun Foundation training center
     in Kibera, near Olympic Primary School
For information: send your name, email to


To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page