Some of the trainees at work.

Trainees of Kibera film school were full of excitement and energy as they prepared for the big day that is on Saturday hey will be the second lot to be graduating since the school was began. 
The assistant trainers painting the kibera film school logo
Cleaning the compound, and getting ready their own artwork was just past of the events taking place.

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From right Federico his friend and  brother at the school’s gallery
The chief guest of the Kibera Film School graduation had the honors to grace Kibera Film School before the long awaited ceremony. With him were visitors who are considered good tiding in hot sun foundation.

 Federico, his friend and brother at the reception introducing themselves

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>African Digital Art Event at iHub Nairobi


African Digital Art which is dedicated in showcasing the best from the digital art discipline from artist of African origin and descent as well as those on the diaspora will be holding the third Nairobi Creative Meet-up at the ihub in Nairobi.

Jepchumba who is the founder once visited Kibera Film School and was really inspired by the work the youths were doing, youths from Kibera Film School and also Kibera TV will be at the event.  

The event will be on 20th January from 6:30pm to 9pm. 

Jepchumba with Kibera Film School trainees

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>Roma Media partners with Kibera TV


Kenya Bus Service

Today has been a wonderful day in the history of Kibera TV. The signing of the MOU between  Kibera TV and Roma Media is just but the tip of the iceberg. Roma Media is an advertising Agency with LCD screens mounted on Kenya Bus Services plying most of the routes in Nairobi.

Our reporters have been working hard on the ground to make 2010 a success and preparing to make 2011 a blast.

We hope that you will be partnering with us to get the best of breaking news, sports, documentaries, talk shows, and more programmes that we have lined up for you.

Stay tuned for real stories because “right here is where it all begins!”


Interior of Kenya Bus showing one of the LCD screens.

Some of the Kibera TV crew – always happy.

Notice the tshirts? We loved them!

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>Kibera Flm School is Collaborating with Leaders Quest in the Upcoming Leaders Quest Nairobi

> Kibera Film School is collaborating with Leaders Quest to host 10 questers on March 16th. The quest will be hosting  120 CEOs from Barclays Bank worldwide.

William, Max and Josphat

Max Metcalfe and William from Leaders Quest, visited Kibera Film School in finalizing the upcoming Quest program.

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>More On the Children’s Workshop-Making of "Majukumu" short film (pictorial)


Arnold & Ian on camera

Arnold during the screening

Arnold trying out the camera

Beryl working on a MacBook Pro

Ian trying the camera, Jeff (in red t-shirt) looking on

The two Jeff and Ian doing it themselves

Evans helping out Jason

Jason helping out Jeff

Adam with the kids

The crew on set

Evans with the kids editing

Ian editing

Belinda selling DVDs and T-shirts during the screening day

Ian working on his story

Jeff working hard

Jeff using the camera

Receiving their certificates

Martha using a still camera

Mercy using the sound equipment

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>Naomi & Jeffery Visit Kibera Film School


Jeffery trying on a T-Shirt at the gallery

 Naomi Starkman co-founder and editor CivilEats.com and Kitchen Table Talks together with her colleague Jeffery Spector payed us a visit 30th December 2010.

Though it was a holiday season for many, our members were present to receive the two visitors and show them around. 

“I am inspired to see you using simple cameras lke the flip to create stories and sharing them online, Naomi after watching Kibera TV

Clarence, Wycliffe and Jeffery

Jeffery and Naomi watching stories from Kibera TV

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>"Majukumu" A Short Film Produced by Kenyan Kids


Willow and Adam presenting certificates to the young filmmakers
Arnold Ochieng receiving his certificate

Saturday 11th December 2010 was a jovial day for four kids from Kibera. This was a day that their first ever-short film was being previewed with an audience of about 70 people inclusive their parents present.
Mercy Andale 12, Ian Mark 12, Arnold Ochieng’ 14, and Beryl Atieno 15 were among the eight kids selected for a ten day filmmaking workshop facilitated by Willow McDonough and Adam Loften of the Future Filmmaker Workshops.
The workshop, which lasted for 10 days, included scripting, shooting and editing of the short film.
Scripting took almost four days, the kids had to brainstorm on stories to tell. With the technical help of Adam and Willow they were able to come up with the final script of their short film “Majukumu”. The film runs for 19 minutes.
“Majukumu”, which is a Swahili word for responsibilities, is a story of a Kenyan young boy (Arnold Ochieng’) ) living in the slums of Nairobi is forced to leave school and take responsibility for his family, but in his struggle for a better life he loses sight of what is most important.
The film was shot in four days; the locations were Kibera and Karen-the place where the workshop was taking place. The kids played the roles of acting and crew.
Among the four kids from Hot Sun Foundation, the other four came from different places, three of them coming out of Nairobi.
Jeff from Machakos, Jason form Eastlands Nairobi, Susan from Meru and finally Martha from Ruiru. They had some assistance from Kenyatta University students in film making, Stephen and Kevin. Evans Kamau who heads the Children’s Workshop Department at Hot Sun Foundation was with them throughout the workshop period, he even featured in the film as a character. Aida Achieng a trainee at Kibera Film School also featured as a character in the film.
The film was short on a DSLR 7D camera.
 “I want to continue with film making, because film will help me express myself, it will help me deliver a message I want to deliver” Arnold Ochieng’(Main character Majukumu)

Evans Kamau during a recent weekly workshop with the children.

“I had never thought I’d see myself on screen as I see others, but watching this short piece we did, I will definitely grow with the help of such initiatives” Susan (Actor Majukumu)
“At first I thought it would be difficult to achieve something in ten days, but I’m proud that the kids have been able to produce something, future film making has just started with these kids, we need to give them all the support they need” Josphat Keya (Programs Coordinator, Hot sun Foundation)

Evans Kamau teaching on story

This was an important experience to this kids, we appeal to all who can help support such initiatives to kindly do so. Thanks to Future Filmmakers Workshop. and all our supporters.


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