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Class of 2010 intake

March 27th 2010 saw the graduation of 8 students. who for 9 months had been training at the school. When they joined the school in August 2009, they had access to only 2 rooms, an editing room and the main classroom. The classroom was also the reception area for Hot Sun Foundation.

Early this year, they participated in the move to the new location, a mansion with own compound, right next to the former HSF location. This meant larger spaces, rooms for editing, locations for their final projects, a separate office for the financial administrator and the school coordinator, a space to hold their graduation, a space for screenings.. basically, endless possibilities.

3 of the graduates from the Class of 2009  (Faith, Martha and Josphat) have already found employment. Josphat Keya is now the  Kibera Film School Coordinator, Martha Kisaka is an intern at Hot Sun Films while Faith Wavinya is an Assistant Editor on a Kenyan TV show that currently broadcasts on DSTV. Gabriella Operre and Victor Oluoch are the crew behind the KiberaTV  You-tube Channel. Though this is an idea that was born in 2008, its now that we have qualified youth who can make it their own and run with it.

The rest of the students will be working at the film school as assistant trainers for the Class of 2010. They will also be working on holding after school filming clubs in local primary and high school. On weekends, they will also be teaching young kids how to work with flip cameras, collect stories and basic editing. They do have their work cut out for them!

Starting May 3rd, the class of 2010 will be starting their classes at the Kibera Film School. The Assistant trainers will start hem off with the basics – data management, handling  / cleaning / care of equipment etc. Instructors drawn from the Kenya film industry will be joining the school later in the month to start the really serious filmmaking stuff. ( Now you know who is writing this post – Only Mercy  Murugi would call it ‘really serious filmmaking stuff’ ).

We are in search of Kenyan filmmakers who would be interested in being Kibera Film School instructors. If interested, send an email with a CV, and cover letter to

and don’t forget…
To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page


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