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We’re Moving!! (next door)

It has been our wish to have a bigger space, our own compound (with parking, which is a nightmare for visitors to the school) and also a place that we can hold outdoor screenings.

Our wish came true this Saturday. Our next door neighbour invited us to look at her house…and we loved it. It’s a 6 bed-roomed maisonette, own and fenced compound, huge compound (that we can hold screenings at and ample parking).

We now have enough space to accommodate more students, more equipment, and more learning space!

We have worked out the lease terms, and hoping to sign and seal the deal today!

The house is right next to the current location of the film school, so we don’t have to do a new map 🙂

We will post pictures on moving day, which is  starts on 4th of January 2010.

I guess that was our Christmas wish come true! Your Christmas gift to us can be a donation on our Global Giving Page, whose link is here


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