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The KIBERA MOJA EVENT was a success to the students of Kibera film school whereby a good response from the audience boosted their morale as all the students were confident in sharing what they had.
The audience gave out good feedback in that the short films were captivating, catchy, encouraging and showed a lot of inspiration and creativity as they were understandable. The audience also recommended that films like sanitation that poses health hazards, humanity and the unprivileged world, harmony and diversity, daily life of a married man among others to be produced in Kibera/Kenya.
This also showed that from the short films people had a positive view as to how the school would be and were eager to visit the school.

All in all we at Kibera film school are aiming at doing our best to make the best films ever.

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page


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Kibera Film School is a 9 month, full day, intensive course, that is open to youth aged between 18-25 years. More information here -

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