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The week was busy as we all worked on the TOGETHERNESS SUPREME short films. I never had major challenges or problems and I thank all that made the entire work a success.
This has been a quite a good week. Our projects have now taken route and we’ve enjoyed watching our rough cuts. Indeed we are becoming film makers.
The week was good and I was happy with the team spirit from my fellow students in working on the projects that at the end were really amazing.
We had a challenge with our Script Project but now the problem has been solved.
I have learnt a lot this week and we have all made improvements. Thanks to our teachers and the management.
I have also learnt much in editing.
The week has gone well. We had a great time to watch our short films which we had been working  on for some time. We had some challenges before but now we are good and everything is cool.
This was a breakthrough week to all of us and that makes me proud to see that we can be productive.
There has been no major challenges as we managed to overcome them and as much as I can say, I’m getting better.
The week was good and we made progress in our projects. I hope we’ll be back to our usual learning classes soon.
The week has been fine and we made major achievements in our projects. I learnt a lot and appreciate the spirit of oneness from my classmates. I hope we will get back to our usual learning  classes soon.
The week has been good. We have managed to improve on our short films and I hope we will have many more good films coming from this school . I also hope we will resume to our normal classes soon.
The week was fine and I tried to learn as much as I could from my fellow students. I will be more grateful if our teachers come back and teach us as I feel I’m far much behind.

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