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                      SHAMIM ACHIENG

The week was perfect fine; we are still working on out BTS short films. Thanks for everything you are doing to us. The ideas that you gave us, actually is working. Otherwise everything is doing well. Thanks a lot.

                             FAITH WAVINYA

The week was fine. We’ve been busy doing the TOGETHERNESS SUPREME BTS. We never had any problems.

                             MARTHA KISAKA

The week has been ok. We have been working on our projects for Nov 18 and there is a lot of progress.we were luckly to have visitors from K I F though we did not get the chance to go to the festival.

                             EVANS KAN’GETHE

The week was fine our teachers have been helpful with their ideas especially in the projects that we are working on. We had the previledge of having visitors from K I F , and they are film makers from france and Cameroon. We also had a talk show with them and exchanged ideas film wise.

                             VICTOR OLUOCH

It’s a busy week, we’ve been working on our projects but we’vent finished.i’m happy now because I have collect most of details about A KID IN KIBERA and now we’re editing which I hope to have a roughcut early Monday.

                             WILSON MAINA
Being the first week it has been fun for me. I’ve been working with victor on field work, shoot the kids in the slums. I’ve been learning the basics of handling and working with a camera I’ve realy learned a lot infact I can even try to film by myself. Hope to work on computer next week with the help of the other students.

                             WILFRED MASEA

The week has gone well. We are still working on our projects. And am learning a lot in this short films that we are doing. All in all everything os going well.

                             JOHN NGARUIYA

The week was good we are working on our projects. We thank the producer of TOGETHERNESS SUPREME for her assistance.

                             GABRIELLA OPERRE

The week has been fine and a lot of work is taking place and learning more editing and storyboards.

                             JOSPHAT KEYA

The week has endend in a good note. I’ve been working on BTS projects. It is quite encourage to have heard on Wednesday that my previeous project with Martha had improved. I hope my new project with Wilfred on locations and logistics will be a lot better.


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