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Josephat Keya
Before the start of this week on Saturday we went to watch Dead Talk, a play by Cajetan Boy our script instructor.
This week we’ve been working on our behind the scenes projects that will be presented at Goethe Institute. I am doing “A TRAIN RUNS THROUGH IT with my colleague Martha.

Wilfred Masea
The week has gone well. We have been working on the behind the scenes projects with our teachers.
In our projects we need some clips in locations to be able to finish the projects before Tuesday. Otherwise everything is going well.

Shamim Achieng’
This week started fine. Am working on my project the RED ONE. The story has really changed, but I will make it come out real. Electricity is letting us down but we are here to do it. In fact Pamela is helping us a lot on our step outlines and story boards.
Our teacher Cajetan Boy came and helped us a lot. I know we will not let him down. Now I am going some where .I can drop clips on the time line. Thanks for the new computer it has been of great help.

G.G Spice
The week has been great. We have been working on our projects. Since we will be screening them we  hope to beat the deadline. Otherwise every thing is good.

Gabriella Opere
My week in general has been captivating in terms of story ideas. Thanks to Pamela and editing skills from fellow students at least I am gaining a lot from them.
Our teachers have also been helpful in many ways. Thanks to them we have a way forward.

Evans Kamau
The week started well and we have been re-working on our Behind the scenes projects. Our instructors have been helping us with ideas, Cajetan  and Serah have helped us in coming up with step outlines and also scripting of various projects which was really difficult for us at first. The new mac has also helped a lot because now we have four work stations. Thank you.

Martha Kisaka
My week has been splendid. We got a chance to go to the theatre on Saturday and watched a play written by our instructor, Cajetan. On Monday was my best we got a sneak peak of Togetherness Supreme it really looked fabulous.
This week we are re doing the behind the scenes projects. We hope to do a great job this time round . Every one is taking their time to assist from Pamela to our instructors to Jose and even Anne. This has been a very busy and interactive week.
Acting classes get intresting by the day. Shamim has set the standards high for us but overally we are all doing our best.
We are greatful for the new mac at least it has reduced the hustle when it comes to work stations. 
We are also excited about  imacs that we’ll be getting.
Thank you so much.

Victor Oluoch
It has been a good week and a very busy one , we are all working on behind the scenes of Togetherness Supreme. Its challenging to make several short films within a week, but we hope for the best in the end.
The big challenge am facing now is getting A KID IN KIBERA, to interview, we have visited him several times but we cant find him since he is busy in school and his teachers wont let him go.

Faith Wavinya.
This week has been great. We are now working on behind the scenes.
Our teachers have been very helpful; Cajetan and  Serah  have been helping us with our step outlines and making our story’s  interesting. Everyone has been of help to us from Pamela to Jose and even Anne.
We are greatful for the new laptop as now our work stations have increased.

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