The week was fine. We had our first acting class with Ian Mbugua, which was amazing.I have leaned another new step in acting.  That’s good for me.
I really enjoyed the acting lesson this week with Ian Mbugua.Infact it helped in doing the UN project with Sabina  later in the day.  I believe  I am improving in camera work, as I can shoot without having shaky clips.  In script writing I’ve advanced and still advancing.In designing a flag mine was chosen the best Kenyan flag.
It has been a good week trying to work on script with Serah, because she explained every details. All the instructors who are giving the best including Ian who is very friendly. To our trustees we need your support mentally and physically. Sometimes as students we may go astray. We need your knowledge to learn when it comes to behaviour, decision making, handling projects and every aspects of this industry to be able  to grow and everything you talk to us through face to face. I take it positive so that I can learn and appreciate to be with director and producer of Togetherness Supreme, because we know you are here to build us.
It is one of those weeks I won’t ever forget. I had a chance to use an advanced camera. I had a chance to build my skills in camera work when Sabina a UN Investigator asked me to be her camera person. We also had Ian Mbugua in acting. That was the class of the week I couldn”t believe he is such a nice teacher and fun.
The week has generally been fine. I personally learned a lot from my tutors through an interactive learning and field work.I hope the same continues.
The week has gone well, We have been busy doing our class work and going out for practicals,having a session of critiqueing correcting other student on script writing and even having the same session on photoshop and even had our acting classes by Ian Mbugua. I really enjoy and appreciate being with the tutors.
The lessons were fine this week and the assignments are building and making me improve.I have learnt that knowledge is power and team work is a beneficiary. Learning from mistakes is useful.
Suggestions: I am an avid reader and I was requesting if I could get access to the books which are on the shelves in the other office (if its possible and for interested students we will appreciate)
Challenges: Limited time when finishing assignments that need work stations, ie laptops and monitors.
My week was good.  Finally Ian came to class and it was very interesting because what we were taught we used it on the UN PROJECT that we had.
The week was fine  with all the teachers in action including Ian who taught us on acting factics and to add on that. I took a part in the UN shooting interviews with Sabina.
Also in Cajetan’s classes I learn how to listen to other peoples’ stories and giving feedback.
On photoshop I learned new skills on how to play around with different designs.
This week has been very busy.  Finally we started our acting classes with Ian mbugua who gave us tips on how to give good first grance impression.
Sabina a UN Investigator who was using  Kibera Film School trainees as subject in her documentary was very impressed by our ability to act.
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On location with Togetherness Supreme: Report from students

The week was one of experience. I,for the first time participated in the Togetherness Supreme reshoot. This give me the first hand experience of what happens during shooting.

(I) enjoyed being in the field doing the reshoots of Togetherness Supreme, woking together as ateam makes things easier.

It’s been a busy week with alot of  good staff to learn I was participating in Togetherness Supreme reshoots which took three days  which stopped me from attending classes in three days but I have no complain coz i learn a lot from field. 

The week has been busy and learning experience from the Togetherness Supreme reshoot.


The week has been good  because we learned in and out of class. It was good because I learned new things in production, that is how you work when you receive a film budget. Working on Togetherness Supreme on reshoots it was a good experience

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Halogen TV visits Kibera Film School

Halogen TV, a new American Television Network to be launched later this year, visited Kibera Film School yesterday.

They interviewed Mercy Murugi, for their series “Noble Exchange: Africa” on being a young female film maker in Kenya and Africa, on working with the youth in Kibera Film School and on producing Hot Sun Films / Hot Sun Foundation feature film, Togetherness Supreme. They talked about the challenges of filming in Kibera, the challenge / joys of having a film school in Kibera and the vision for the film school.

They also had a talk with the students on different cameras, and the importance of networking in the film industry. The students had a lot of questions to ask in regards to their work and about the film schools in the US.

And even let the students try out their HVX 200 camera.

The students spent time with the Managing Trustee of Hot Sun Foundation Nathan Collett dropped by the Film School and talked to them about the differences between NTSC and PAL.

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